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KVM Switchers


Pacific MS Series

HDMI/DVI/VGA/YPbPr/SDI and IP/HDBaseT KVM Switch Integrated with Multiviewer

The Pacific MS is a modular matrix switch that incorporates switching, distribution, monitoring, and operation of multiple computing devices and video signals into a 2, 3, and 6 RU enclosure.

It offers high-speed video routing, flexible KVM switching, and multiviewing capabilities through various I/O card combinations.

Designed for streamlined operation for a cluster of users with multiple systems, Pacific MS allows creation of multi-screen multiview user space by grouping display outputs. The “Surfer” feature allows user to manage a variety of systems across multiple monitors and seamlessly switch control to any of the system via one set of mouse and keyboard.

Pacific MS provides an in-system GUI for switching and routing configuration, as well as real-time monitoring of source/output for routing preview and confirmation. Additionally, user can remotely access any of the system directly on the GUI, ideal for wide range of applications in need of a centralized administration solution.

Sequoia Dual

Multiviewer with Integrated KVM Switcher


The Sequoia Dual combines the functions of a KVM (keyboard video mouse) switch and a robust multi-viewer into a single enclosure.

Incorporating patented technologies, it provides a simple monitoring solution for any user who works in an environment with multiple computers.

Utilizing a combination of hot-keys and the Surfer feature—which allows users to transfer keyboard and mouse control to another computer by simply moving the mouse cursor to the window of that computer—the Sequoia Dual is able to seamlessly switch between and remotely control any of the four computers connected to it with just one keyboard and mouse.

Additionally, its scalability through cascading with other Sequoia devices makes the Sequoia Dual an ideal solution for both individual users and corporate applications.


Sequoia 4H & 2H2U

Multiviewer with Integrated KVM Switcher

The Sequoia 4H and 2H2U empower multi-tasking on an unprecedented level.
With integrated mouse and keyboard switcher, custom multiview display and touchscreen support, these Sequoia Solos streamline monitoring and operation of four computer/video systems with a single set of screen, mouse and keyboard. 

The high scalability through cascading multiple Sequoia units allows user to access up to 20 computers from a single mouse/keyboard console. With plug-and-play installation and intuitive control, the Sequoia 4H and 2H2U facilitate productive management of multiple systems and ensure clutter-free working environments.


Sequoia 101

Seamless KVM Switcher with Multi-Head System Compatibility

With plug-and-play installation and intuitive user controls, the Sequoia 101 offers a straightforward and secure method for data protection. The Sequoia 101 is a compact, two-port KVM switcher that facilitates a seamless switch between operating systems.

It allows control of two computers operating on separate secure networks through a single monitor and USB mouse/keyboard. The Sequoia 101 simplifies dual systems control for workstations with extended desktops.

It is compatible with multi-head systems. Requiring no additional software or driver, the Sequoia 101 enables toggling between extended desktops by simply holding down the mouse wheel.

The Sequoia 101’s sleek design and space-efficient enclosure makes it ideal for dual systems management in various working environments. Designed to safely switch operations between multiple isolated workstations with different levels of security, the Sequoia 101 is your solution for data security.


Avitech International

Avitech designs, develops and manufactures Multi-viewers , KVM switches, over IP solutions, video wall technology, and enhancing peripherals for the broadcast, professional AV, security, C2, and IT industries. With 24 years of experience in the field and over 30,000 units in private and public sectors, Avitech provides industry recognized and award-winning solutions in dynamic markets. Avitech International Corporation was founded in 1995 in Redmond, Washington, and is still headquartered there today.

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