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Light Matters!

RLX™ Series Floods

LED Floodlighting

A range of floodlighting to suit all craft.

The RLX™ technology delivers tremendous light on short or long distances.

It is available with various beam options, from Spot 10 degrees beam to a 110/45 degrees beam angle.

Excellent for illumination of large work areas and long distances. 

BLX™ Series Bow Lights

Fixed Bow / Stern Illumination

BLX™  LED BOWLIGHT's are designed to improve the ability to see during navigation and maneuvering at night.
By combining the proven technology of the BLX™ Series with practical testing of the optical features,
the end result is a powerful bowlight that will increase safety and endure in very harsh environments.

The SLX™ Series LED searchlight module is made to replace conventional searchlight modules to increase light performance of your searchlight and get rid of costly and annoying maintenance.
It is crafted to give superior value for the user with a powerful, compact and durable design that makes the investment to pay back to the fullest.
One SLX™ searchlight unit will enable you detect an object on a distance up to 2 600 meters depending on chosen beam type for your need.
It is made to be mounted fixed or on any suitable existing movable platform. Adapter bracket kit for several movable searchlight platforms can be delivered with the SLX ™ searchlight module.

SLX™ Series Fixed Searchlights

Searchlight retrofit module

SLH Lever controlled LED Searchlight

Great for smaller vessels

A compact size rigid cost effective high quality LED searchlight system. 
Features Spot & Flood beams. IP66/67 rated. Inboard cable connections.
Available in two pedestal height options.


SL Series LED Remote Searchlights

Excellent searchlight for Harsh Environments!

Powerful and compact LED searchlight with optional integrated FLIR® thermal camera.
Built for Search & Rescue, Navigation support, Security surveillance and is a bright and powerful searchlight. It will improve the light at sea and ensure safe operations under all conditions.

CL Series Remote Searchlights

HMI illumination that can't be beaten!


The CL series product family offers a range of very strong and powerful searchlights that are based on HMI light technology. 
In combination with the special designed parabolic reflector these searchlight provide extraordinary light performance – the high color temperature in combination with the high color spectra (CRI) gives an impression of clear daylight with good contrasts of objects and high color rendering which is highly appreciated among mariners all over the world.



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The Luminell Group is passionate about delivering critical light solutions for demanding use. We aim to create the industry standard in lighting, and to establish supportive and lasting relationships with users, partners, our staff and the community.

The Luminell Group has offices in Norway and Sweden where all Luminell products are proudly Scandinavian designed and manufactured. Today all Luminell products and solutions are sold globally. Experience the Luminell difference today.

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