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SCANMAR was the pioneer of cable-free Catch Systems in 1980 and has remained the world leader of development and production for the global fishing industry.

SCANMAR’s main objective is to offer commercial fishermen equipment for increased efficiency and financial gain. 

SCANMAR sensors and bridge systems are acknowledged for their advanced technology and high quality, and they are constantly aiming to improve their products by listening to customers and users.

Overall, SCANMAR have invested over 400 million Norwegian kroner in the development of robust, reliable and innovative products. Their close collaboration with the fishing industry, combined with their genuine interest and technical approach has been critical to SCANMAR's success.

Globally, SCANMAR have sold over 5,000 bridge systems and 40,000

ScanBas 365

Scanmars new bridge system shows accurate sensor data in a revolutionary, highly detailed, flexible and modern interface.


  • Fully customizable to your preferences

  • Intuitive and user friendly interface

  • Supports multiple monitor use

  • New SpiderGraph cruise control feature

Through nearly 40 years of contact with countless skippers and fisheries research institutes all around the world, we learned that one size rarely fits all. The sensor data one may want to prioritize varies from personal preference, and can greatly depend on the trawling style, as well as environmental challenges unique to their fishing area. For this reason, one of the main goals with ScanBas 365 was to give the skipper the flexibility to easily modify his own interface. The user is given complete control, and can put any sensor data on up to 6 different monitors, scaled to any size. This gives the option of having screens with lots of details in one window, or even having just one parameter featured. The configurational possibilities are endless and can be modified at any time and saved to a specific profile. With the drag and drop builder, it couldn’t be simpler and more intuitive to modify your setup. 


Scanmar Sensors

Comprehensive range of net sensors

TrawlEye; Trawl Speed & Symmetry (Flow); Door Spread; Trawl Sounder; Height/Depth; Grid; Clump; Door Height


Scanmar Accessories

Battery Chargers, Hydrophones, Mounting Kits etc


Rubber Sensor Pull Cords




Catch Rubbers

Replacement rubber sensor bands

Why pay OEM prices?

Our rubber straps are a fraction of the cost!

Suits all brands of Catch sensor (Marport, Scanmar, Notus & Simrad)

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