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Williamson & Associates

Trawl Camera, Subsea Imaging & Illumination

Williamson & Associates has been providing subsea imaging and illumination solutions to clients for years. Recently they developed the SOLO Series III family of autonomous underwater camera and lights which provide stand alone imaging and illumination in a subsea environment for use in geotech, fisheries and offshore construction among other applications.

SOLO Netview Trawl Camera      and Light System

The SOLO Netview system is a trawl camera and light solution originally developed for the Alaskan Pollock fishery fleet and associated research organizations. Applications include bi-catch monitoring, bi-catch excluder performance assessment and general trawl net survey tool.


Simple, powerful and flexible sub sea vision specifically tailored for the needs of today's fisheries industry.

The NETVIEW is robustly fabricated from hard anodized 6061-T6 aluminum using 316 stainless steel hardware and utilizes a scratch proof sapphire glass viewport to meet the the harsh conditions of commercial fishing.

Solo SIII Titanium

SOLO Series III Deepsea Product Family

Deepwater Trawl Camera

The SOLO Series III family of products provide a modular solution to subsea autonomous imaging and illumination.

These camera and light systems are self powered (li-Ion), programmable and capable of HD video and digital stills.


Applications include deepsea fishing, marine sciences, geotechnical survey, ocean mining, offshore energy and dredge performance assessment.

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