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We have a full range of solutions to provide you with 2D & 3D view of the water-column and seabed.


Windows based Navigation & Bathymetry Program

Formally known as MaxSea, TZ Pro is the World's most advanced fishing software.


Linux based Navigation & Bathymetry Software Program

Olex Software is a unique system for navigation and charting, developed by the Norwegian company Olex AS for fisheries, aquaculture, and maritime contracting applications.


For fishermen who demand more from their plotter

The system is designed to be easy to use and offers a simple presentation of vital information such as vessel position, speed and course, as well as your own tracks, marks and areas. TurboWin also offers many options to tailor the package to your requirements. The system can be loaded with highly detailed ENC charts for navigation. The AIS module allows identification and tracking of other vessels, while tidal charts provide clear current predictions.

SeaPlot Pro

Plotting the past, defining the future... SeaPlot helps you stay one step ahead

SeaPlot Pro has been developed from the strengths of SeaPlot - the first PC based plotting program available and extensive input from some of the worlds most experienced and skilled skippers. SeaPlot Pro is user friendly and rich with features that give you the important and useful information to improve catching efficiency. With advanced features, multiple layer plotting and the world's most accurate charts, SeaPlot Pro helps put you first at the wharf with the biggest catch.
SeaPlot Pro provides all the information you need simpler, faster, more accurately and with greater flexibility than other systems available.

Piscatus 3D

More Fish Less Time

Piscatus3D is a comprehensive 3-Dimensional fishing tool that displays in superior detail, exactly what is happening underwater in real-time as you fish. With an interface designed by fishermen for ease of use, view your underwater fishing grounds as never before. Piscatus3D shows your boat, the seabed, the target fish and your fishing gear. Built on a stable and reliable technology platform, Piscatus3D automatically saves your data as you fish. Piscatus3D is available in three customised applications designed specifically for your fishing operations: Inshore-Pro, DeepSea-Pro and Piscatus Classic for recreational fishing.

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